Saturday, 3 May 2014

Movie about HMNZS KIWI

I did say in the last post that we had been working on some interesting projects and one of them is the probable movie going to be made by a couple of New Zealand film makers about the HMNZS KIWI Ship No 315 and her part in the attack on the huge Japanese submarine I-1 which was successfully carried out by KIWI along with her sister ship HMNZS MOA Ship No 314 also built at the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb.
The movie is going to concentrate on the extraordinary act of bravery carried out by one of her crew as the two small ships took on their formidable foe.
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During the entire battle the Kiwi’s searchlight and signalling lamp were trained on the submarine.  The searchlight was controlled by Leading Signalman Campbell Buchanan at considerable risk to himself.  Into the action Buchanan was hit and although mortally wounded remained at his post uncomplaining until relieved.  He died of his wounds at Tulagi the following day.  This act of courage won him the US Navy Cross and a posthumous mention in dispatches.  . In a fierce action that lasted more than an hour, Kiwi rammed the submarine three times before I-1 finally struck a reef and was wrecked.
Look out for updates on this story which reminds me that I need to get some more information about the ship and her dimensions over to the guys in New Zealand (So if you read this Evan I will get it done and sent to you soon)
HMNZS KIWI seen in dry-dock after ramming the Japanese Sub I-1 in 1943


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