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Wednesday, 14 October 2015


We could not resist showing this great photograph taken by D. Shackleton and sent into the Leith Shipyards website by L. Pollard.
 Same photographer took the almost identical shot of her sister ship the SA JOHN ROSS which had been built at a local South African shipyard and was launched a bit after the Leith built SA WOLRAAD WOLTEMADE which just looked right.


They show the two mighty ships arriving at Cape Town for the first time ready to go about there work.

Don’t know about you but I know which ship looks the better and leave you to choose your own preferred picture.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Container Ship "El Faro" missing in hurricane.

As if it needed any reaffirmation of just how dangerous a life at sea can be we bring you the story of an American registered Container ship which is reported missing of the Bahamas as Hurricane Joaquin continued on it destructive way.

El Faro in this BBC Picture

The US Coast Guard says it has resumed its search for a cargo ship with 33 crew that vanished in Bahamian waters during Hurricane Joaquin.
The 224-metre (735ft) El Faro, with 28 Americans and five Poles on board, was last heard from on Thursday and was reported to be taking on water.
The ship - which was travelling from Florida to Puerto Rico - was also believed to be listing at 15 degrees.

For more on the story see the BBC website.
Our thoughts go out to the crew and there families at this time.