Saturday, 10 March 2012

ULUNDI Scanned Data

ULUNDI Ship No 78

Leica Scanned Data,

We are amazed to be able to show you the actual scanned data from the old Leith built ship the tug ULUNDI built in 1927 at the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb.

The ship was scanned by Brad Wakefield in Durban South Africa using Leica scanning equipment.

This gives a 3D all round picture of the ship as she is and surely is the way forward for the preservation of all old vessels as steel and wood will not last forever no matter how well the ship was built, but perhaps cyberspace as they call it will be around for as long as we can imagine.

For all you model makers out there this can give you so much information which would be unavailable to you without actually going out to measure the ship.

We will have the link to this info available to you very soon so you can see one of the oldest ships still left that was built at Leith for yourself.

Our thanks to Brad at Leica Geo-systems in South Africa for giving us access to this info and for taking the time to scan the ship for future posterity.

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