Wednesday, 16 November 2011


ABEILLE NO8 seen here on a tow (right) with the tug Abeille No22 towing a floating dock in 1939

ABEILLE NO8 Ship No 226

This order from the famous French towing company Comp.De Remarquage & De Salivatage, was built to help the two new "Cunard Queens" manoeuvre in the port of La Harve before they took of on there trans Atlantic voyages.

Built and launched in 1936 only three years before World War II was to start, once the port had been over run by the Blitzkrieg of the German advance into France in 1940 this modern powerful tug was taken over as a war prize by the Germans and used by them in the war against the British, but 2 years to the day that she was commissioned into the German navy she was sunk by Allied war planes who bombed the port and any shipping in the port.

It would seem from photographs that I have received that she may have been salved after the end of the war and she went back to work. For more on ABEILLE No8 visit the Leith Shipyards website.
Now seems that she was not so lucky and she was indeed destroyed by bombs.

Should you know different then please get in touch with the website and we will bring her history right up to date

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