Sunday, 20 December 2015

Final aircraft carrier section arrives at Rosyth

With the final section (Superblock) for the second of the U.K.'s new Aircraft Carriers to be named as Prince of Wales it just remains for the guys at Rosyth who are assemling the carriers to put the last remaining blocks together in the dry-dock and sometime next year she will be joining her sister ship Queen Elizabeth in the fitting out basin for around another three years of work before she will be handed over for commissioning trials and then into the Royal Navy, it is to be hoped that by this time the U.K. will have aeroplanes in the form of the new F35's to fly from her decks.
For more on the story see the BBC website link

A barge carrying the aircraft carrier's Aft Island completed its journey up the Firth of Forth to Rosyth on Sunday morning

It is also pretty amazing that she had to complete a journey which as the crow fies is around 50 miles, by being barged all the way around the British Isles southwards from the Clyde down to the English Channel and then back up the East Coast of the British Isles through the North Sea to arrive in the Firth of Forth a seaward voyage of some 1,300 miles.

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