Monday, 17 August 2015

J. Bolson & Son Ltd, shipyard

We like to bring you the old and the new in shipbuilding and like to feature some of the perhaps less known of the shipyards, which all formed the mighty shipbuilding industry that used to be prevalent in the British Isles.

This small to medium shipyard was based in the south of England on the Dorset coast in the town of Poole, a place perhaps better known today for it’s very wealthy residents in there very expensive house’s.

This old yard had a pretty long history of building fine ships and in fact the yard also built the very first U.K. built offshore supply ship Yard No 552 and named as NORTH SHORE along with many other types of ship.

The LADY BRIGID Yard No 555 was sister ship to the first U.K. built offshore supply ship NORTH SHORE built at the J. Bolson & Son Ltd, shipyard in Poole, England

The smaller yards such as Henry Robb Ltd and J. Bolson & Son Ltd, were dotted all around the coast of the British Isles and contributed to the shipbuilding industry in Britain being at the very top of the tonnage list of ships built in the world for many years.

These shipyards also employed many people and along with the long list of suppliers required for the building of a ship from engine makers right down to suppliers of linen to the small corner newsagents shop (remember them) all put cash into the country.

The Bulk Carrier MV CHICHESTER CITY Yard No 571 ready for launch 1968

We are pleased to feature many original photographs from the shipyard from the 1960’s all sent into the Leith Shipyards website by an ex-Draughtsman (John King) who was employed at the Bolson shipyards for many years until closure.

This particular draughtsman in fact ended up in his own business still in the maritime world and was in fact the last owner of the MV CRESSWEL Ship No 474 and launched from the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb Ltd in 1959 

Many more exclusive and original photographs can be found on the ship photo’s pages on the website.

Part of this old shipyard is now the well know yacht makers “Sunseeker”

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