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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Favourite ROBB SHIPS-3

(Photograph is courtesy of the Plymouth RFA Assocciation)
The following completes the list of favourite Robb ships compiled while doing the research and actually working on some of the ships.

While any list is purely subjective this is my one and will show my top 30 Robb built Ships, with the final  10 shown below.

If you click on the ships name it will take you to more on the ships at the website. (Remember this website is ongoing)

Should you have a favourite list or wish to add to this existing list then send it in to the blog or the new website at

21. HMRT BUSTLER Ocean Rescue Tug

22. HMS DERG River Class Frigate (In Tokyo Bay at Jap Surrender)

23. M.V.POOLTA (Last of the U.S.S.Co ships for New Zealand)

24. MSC ROVER (last of the Manchester ship canal Tugs)

25. HMS LOCH KATRINE (New Zealand Navy ship ROTOITI)

26. M.V.ARCADIAN (Ellerman Wilson Line Cargo Ship)

27. HMS CARDIGAN BAY Frigate of the Bay Class

28. WESTMERE (First ship built)

29. HMS BASSET (First in the Dog Class armed trawlers)

30. M.V.LIGAR BAY (Cement ship for New Zealand)

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