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Sunday, 1 August 2010


Ship No 438

The steam ship ROLLO was the second of the three ship order to be built and launched from Leith.

part of another order from the Ellerman Wilson Line, this order was for three of the latest in steamer cargo/passenger type ships, and it must be said they were amongst the finest looking vessels to be launched from the Leith yard of Henry Robb.

With her distinctive lines she was 2499 tons of fine looking ship, at 290 feet between perp’s and with a beam of 48 feet and 6 inches, with design draught at 27 feet, she was a well proportioned vessel.

She was sister ship to CICERO and was launched from the Henry Robb shipyard on 12th of October 1954.

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S.S.ROLLO of the Ellerman Wilson Line,getting underway.(You can just see the smoke stack of her tug off her port bow)

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1 comment:

Mike Nicholson said...

Having been an engineer on the Rollo in 1966 and 1970, I knew the ship well, she was what I call a real ship with mid ship accommodation and pleasing lines. The Rollo and the Cicero must have been nearly the last ships built to be fitted with tripple expansion engines with bowac exhaust turbines. I have a number of photographs of the ship including the engine room whilst under way.