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Sunday, 29 August 2010


Ship No 471

With world trade increasing and as part of a general upgrading of shipping line fleets, more orders were won from Ellerman Wilson.

The Motor Vessel AARO was the first of another three ship order from the line.

The M.V.AARO continued the tradition of fine looking ship’s built for Ellerman Lines.

She was just how a ship should look in the days before containerisation necessitated that most cargo vessels change to the boxed aft-island look.

At 2600 Grt, with a length B.P. of 300 feet with a beam of 48 feet and 6 inches, and a design draft of 19 feet and 9 inches she was launched into the Forth on 20th of January 1960 to herald in another decade at the Henry Robb shipyards.

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I served on her as Third Mate in 1961/62 on the London ~ Copenhagen trade. General cargo out, bacon, beer and furniture home. She used to unload at hays Wharf in the Pool of London and then shift to Millwall dock to load.In Copenhagen she used to unload at Nord Toldboden near the Little Mermaid and then shift to Christiansbrygge to load. She was a fine ship.