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Saturday, 31 July 2010


Sign from the old office building of the Sarawak Steamship Company.
Ship No 434

Was an order from the Sarawak Steamship Company Ltd, for a twin screw diesel cargo and passenger vessel.

Built to carry out trade around Borneo and from Sarawak to Singapore across the Straits, a journey that took around 70 hours, she was 1733 tons with a length of 212 feet and a beam of 44 feet with a design draught at 21 feet.

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The AUBY was a very well known vessel in the waters around Sarawak and Singapore.

She was launched from the yard on the 24th of September 1953.

M.V.AUBY (Ship No 434)


Alexander (Sandy) Thomson said...

I travelled on this vessel during October 1965.The trip was from Singapore to Kuching and was carrying about 700+ troops. The holds were converted to sleeping space and the beds were stacked mainly five high but there were two stacks which were nine high. The food was very much of a mush where our unit (Artillery) had first "choice" then the Ghurkhas were then allowed to eat once additional spices were added. The journey lasted only three days (two nights) but it was memorable journey on a ship that had seen better days. The commissioning plaque from the Robb Caledon shipyard was still shiny despite her age.

John Hogg said...

We used it to travel Kuching to Singapore twice once in 1964 and again 1965 for r and r from 99 bde loved the trip remember drinking tiger the a wave would come the the guy a the bottom table took a few ships the sent it back when the wave went the other way lovely memories

John ex hm forces