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Friday, 4 June 2010


M.S.C. Nymph on a towing, a ship in the canal

Ship No 320

M.S.C. Nymph was the fourth of the four ship order for Diesel-engine tugs from the Manchester Ship Canal Company Ltd. This order had been put back a little due to the outbreak of World War II.

She was 131 gross tons and powered by a single screw Crossley Diesel engine producing 770h.p.

She had an overall length of 86 feet and a beam of 23 feet, and a draught of 12 feet.

She was launched Early 1942. (The exact date is unknown to me at this time, as the builders had more important things on there minds at the time, than recording when the ship was launched.)

They were superior it was said at the time to the steam powered tugs previously built for the company.

M.S.C. Nymph was scrapped at the same time as “Neptune” in 1981.

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