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Saturday, 12 June 2010



Ship No 338

The tug Warden was the last in line of the Bustler Class built in Leith at the Henry Robb shipyard, part of the eight ship order for Ocean Going Diesel salvage tugs.

They were required to carry out salvage and rescue work along with convoy escort duties.

They were large and very powerful tugs put to good use during World War II and for long after as well. A fleet of the “Bustler class tugs along with others were stationed in Campbeltown on the Scottish coast during the long “Battle of the Atlantic”

Nicknamed the “Campbeltown Navy” they were instrumental in saving many thousands of tons of shipping badly needed for the war effort against Hitler’s Germany and they also saved countless seamen from the ravages of the U-Boats.

She was 1,100 tons with a length overall of 190 feet and beam of 38 feet and six inches, with a draught of 19 feet.

Launched 28 Jun 1945

Commissioned Dec 1945

“Bustler Class Rescue Tugs”, were to have a crew of 42 men, and powered by Diesel engines with a single screw, producing 4,000 hp. giving a top speed of 16 knots.

They had an armament of 1 x 3” AA Gun, 1 x 2 pounder AA. Along with 2 x 20 mm AA guns and 4 machine guns, all for anti-aircraft defence.

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