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Sunday, 6 June 2010


Ship No 322
“Bustler Class” Rescue Tug.

Continuing on the proud tradition of Henry Robb built tugs; her original name was to be “Samson”

Was an order for the supply of Ocean Going Diesel salvage tugs, all of the “Bustler Class” With second of the class being the tug “H.M.S. Samsonia

They were required to carry out salvage and rescue work along with convoy escort duties.

They were large and very powerful tugs put to good use during World War II and for, long after as well.

She was 1,100 tons with a length overall of 190 feet and beam of 38 feet and six inches, with a draught of 19 feet.

She was to complete the longest ever non stop tow of a submarine when towing H.M.S. TURPIN from Jamaica to Portsmouth a distance of some 5,200 Nautical Miles.

She was launched 1st April 1942 and was to go on to have many wartime adventures.

She was chartered to a Canadian salvage Company after the war and she was involved in many adventures and also had a book written about her many adventures in this dangerous business.

After her return to the Royal Navy she was sold to a Yugoslav salvage Company in 1974.

Bustler and Samsonia together.

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