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Friday, 4 June 2010


Ship No 318

Flower Class Corvette

Another of the gallant ships of” the little navy”, that were to provide all kinds of duty during World War II.

They had to deal with all types of weather and the constant danger of enemy surface and under water vessels along with bombing attacks and mines.

Not the most sea keeping of vessels in fact they were said to role on wet grass, but the brave men who sailed on them, gave their all and some more! They served, fighting to help in the battles raging the seven seas of the world.

H.M.S. Pink was one of many such ships, and she was launched from the yard on 16th February 1942. One month after her sister H.M.S. Lotus

She was a standard 849 tons and had a length overall of 190 feet with a beam of 33 feet, and draught of 17 feet and 6 inches.

H.M.S. Pink was badly damaged during the invasion of Normandy, when she was torpedoed by U988 27th-29th July 1944 and was regarded as a constructive total loss. The U-boat 988 was sunk 2 days later.

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