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Monday, 7 June 2010



Ship No 327

Twin screw “River Class” Frigate.

H.M.S. Nith, was the second of the “River Class” Frigates ordered from the Henry Robb shipyard, this design was to produce many of this much needed type of ship for convoy escort and anti-submarine duty in the “Battle of the Atlantic”

She was 1,590 tons, with a length overall of 283 feet with a beam of 36 feet and 6 inches, and a draught of 17 feet and 6 inches. She was laid down on the 5th of September and she was launched on 25th Sept 1942. (Remember this was at a time when all or most ships were made from a riveted construction method)

After her sea trials she was commissioned into the Royal Navy on 16th February 1943.

H.M.S. Nith was to survive the war and end up being sold to the Egyptian Navy in November 1948 and she was renamed “Domiat”

H.M.S. Nith

Was to end up as a ship of the Egyptian navy and by some irony she was to be sunk by H.M.S. Newfoundland a Royal Navy Light cruiser during the so called Suez Crisis. The abortive attempt by Britain and France to take over the Suez Canal she was sunk by gunfire from Newfoundland on 1st Nov 1956.

H.M.S. NITH as Domiat.

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