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Saturday, 22 May 2010


Ship No 294

Mallard was the first of another four ship order for Diesel-engined tugs from the Manchester Ship Canal Company Ltd.
She was 131 gross tons and powered by a single screw Crossley Diesel engine producing 770 h.p.
She had an overall length of 86 feet and a beam of 23 feet, and a draught of 12 feet.
She was launched on 12 December 1939.
They were superior it was said at the time to the steam powered tugs previously built for the company.

Mallard gave great service for 31 years before being sold, and working under a few other names, before being broken up in 1986 giving her a service life of 47 years. (Not a bad return on the initial investment cost)
M.S.C. Mallard (Ship No 294)

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