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Sunday, 23 May 2010

H.M.S. Dianthus

Ship No 307

H.M.S. Dianthus
Flower Class Corvette.

She was ordered on 25th July 1939

Her keel was laid on 31st October and she was launched from the yard on the 9th of July 1940, after successful sea trials she was commissioned on 17th March 1941.

She had a length overall of 190 feet with a beam of 33 feet and draught of 17 feet and 6 inches. At 811 tons, another of the many unsung small ships that worked tirelessly during World War II.

H.M.S. Dianthus had a very eventful war, which included sinking a U-Boat (U-379) she rammed and depth charged the enemy submarine until it sank. (Her many adventures will feature on the new website coming soon)

She was sold to a Norwegian Company for use as a whaler, and to this use she was used until she was towed to the breakers yard in 1968.
(For more on H.M.S. Dianthus.)

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Lynda Cook said...

My Dad served on this ship until the end of the war.His Name was Percy Jones.