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Sunday, 23 May 2010

H.M.S. Delphinium

Ship No 306

Flower Class Corvette.

She was ordered on 25th July 1939

Her keel was laid on 31st October 1939, she was launched on 6th June 1940 and commissioned into service with the Royal Navy on 15th November 1940.

She had a length overall of 190 feet with a beam of 33 feet and draught of 17 feet and 6 inches. At 718 tons, Delphinium operated in the Mediterranean theatre, throughout WWII. H.M.S. Delphinium had many adventures and close calls during World War II, so many in fact that a simple blog is unable to do justice to the stories of the service lives of the unsung heroes of the war at sea.

She survived the war only to be broken up in 1949.

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