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Picture Gallery.

Here you will find pictures of some of the Ships built at the Henry Robb Shipyards in Leith, Scotland
For full history and story see the Leith Shipyards website by clicking on the highlighted ship name to be taken straight there.

"Ulundi" Ship No 78 launched 1927
The oldest ship I have found with a picture up to now.
Photo courtesy by Derek Walker.

M.V."Bombo" Ship No 154
Lost off Port Kembla Harbour, Australia, FEBRUARY 22ND, 1949.
(Photo is courtesy of United Divers)

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"Scott II" Ship No 184
What is left of her, lying in a Loch in Scotland.

S.S. "Lafonia" Ship No 189

"S.S. Gothland" Ship No 192

"The Miller" Ship No 194

Another photo of "Atlantic Coast" taken circa 1962
courtesy of Ian Thirlwell whose Uncle served on her.

M.S.C. "Firefly" Ship No 212

M.V. "Ocean Coast" Ship No 215

"Argos" Ship No 216

"ESK" Ship No 228 At work dredging.

"Port Tauranga" Ship No 235
With her 90 feet long hatches she had the largest hatch on Lloyds register at the time.

"Rookwood" Ship No 237

"Lochee" Ship No 240

M.V."Sofala" Ship No 241

M.V."Spinel" Ship No 244

"South Steyne" Ship No 267
(Photo-Courtesy of Ferries of Sydney)
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"M.V.Karitane" Ship No 269

"M.V.Puriri" Ship No 273

"M.V.Oriole" Ship No 292

"M.V.Stork" Ship No 334

One of a number of fine Ellerman Wilson Ships built at Leith.
S.S.TINTO (Ship No 355)

S.S.DARINIAN (Ship No 359)
Another fine Ellerman Wilson Vessel built in Leith.

M.V.GREBE (Ship No 374)

M.V.HIRONDELLE (Ship No 396)

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