Sunday, 22 October 2017

Look out for the new website

Happy to report that their will be a brand new up to date revamped website about all the ships built in Leith coming to the internet near you. The new website will be up and running within the next six months or so.

There have been numerous problems with the existing website along with some challenges with regard to the comment pages, with some being published while some have just notgot through to the website. Dont let that put you off sending in your comments.

The new website will feature so much new material that has not been shown on the present website so something to look out for along with the exiting news on some books published by The Loftsman.

2018 will be a busy year and we hope you will continue to support and join with us in keeping the heritage of Leith Shipbuilding going. (After all we just cannot rely on Edinburgh Council doing anything about our fine shipbuilding past)

You can still visit the website of course until the new one comes online.

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