Monday, 23 May 2016

Even Sherlock Holmes is Celebrating

Nothing to do with ships but everything to do with where the ships used to be built.

A little bit of History was created at the weekend with Hibernian Football Club persevering for over 114 years to break the curse that has hung over the club, by winning the Scottish Cup and there were some famous supporters celebrating including the top detective Sherlock Holmes (Who just may need to investigate the claims made by the beaten side) as seen below sporting the colours of the original "Greens"

Sherlock Holmes was given the job of finding someone in Edinburgh/Leith who did not think that Hibernian deserved to win the Scottish Cup, and despite the great sleuths best efforts he is still looking.

Sherlock began his searching in Edinburgh (BBC photograph)

His search took him up and down Leith Walk

Sherlock Holmes even enlisted the help of the local constabulary and there horses but still no luck in finding anyone with half a brain who thinks that Hibernian did not deserve fully to win the Scottish Cup 2016 

His full day search took him from the High Street in Edinburgh down to Princes Street (BBC photograph below)

 This was perhaps going to be the only case in the famous detectives whole career that he was unable to solve, he even tried asking the people down at Leith Links (The original home of Golf)

 If you think you can help Sherlock please do, the great man is almost at a loss to explain the lack of people who think that Hibernian do not deserve to be the new proud owners of the Scottish Cup (The oldest original cup in Association Football)

So who was the beaten opponents of the Hibernian Football Club, well I am afraid that we cannot really answer this question as the team in question seem to continually change there name, all we can say for certain is that they where/are a team from Glasgow.

We Persevered