Sunday, 24 May 2015

Model of the SCOT II

Pleased to announce that the start of a model build is now under way and at approx 1/25th scale being made by "ace" model maker Steve we shall have some photographs to record this feat in its entirety as the model progresses. (Keep checking the Leith Shipyards website)

The model is being built to original drawings and will be based on her original steam engine condition (pre-1960's) as she was intended before her conversion to diesel power in the 1960's by the Leith Shipyard of Henry Robb Ltd.
The SCOT II was launched at Leith as Ship No 184 in 1931
The only Leith built ship on the British Historic Register, and it is hoped that the actual vessel will also be restored to her former glory in the fullness of time.

SCOT II ice breaking historical ship

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