Friday, 29 May 2015

HMS NESS - Model

Pleased to show the model of HMS NESS which has just been completed by Andy Forrest, and sent into the website where we shall feature many more photographs of the model.

Built and launched at the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb Ltd, the "River Class" Frigate was launched in July 1942 (Ship No 326) as the first of Six such ships built at the yard during times when the Nation needed as many ships as possible to help in the battle against the U-Boats, a battle at one time which could have meant the end for the British Isles but for such ships and the men of the Merchant Marine who sacrificed so much to keep the country supplied so they could continue the fight against the enemy.

The model is shown in her wartime camouflage colours.  Camouflage is the 3 colour Western approaches scheme and reflects the Ness shortly after commissioning.

Keep checking the website for the many up-dates on this project.

Another picture of the Ship Model below showing some of her Aft end details,

HMS NESS Aft end details

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