Saturday, 18 August 2012

Henry Robb Shipyard photographs

A photograph of the TRINITY HOUSE Flagship PATRICIA fitting out at Henry Robb Shipyard, taken from the dockside crane by Barry Booth Shipwright

 We are indebted to the ex Henry Robb shipwright Barry Booth for allowing us to show a great collection of photographs taken at the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb while working there first as an apprentice shipwright then journeyman.

The photographs will start to appear on the website over the next few weeks so keep checking back to see what’s on the site.

There are many more photographs of various ships old and new in the ship photo library on the website which continues to grow thanks to the many contributors who are now sending in some great photographs of ships to be shown.

This is the part of the website which can only grow and get better with your help so we stress again if you have any ship photographs which you would like to share with the world then please contact the website and they will be shown on the ship photograph pages.

To the many who have contributed up to now we say thanks for your time and interest, and the website continues to receive more and more visitors with according to Google more than 60,000 visits and not yet 2 years old.

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