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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Biggest in U.K.

(This photograph was taken by Craig Leitch on the way to check the crane, one of the first scots to work on it in British waters)

Last week there arrived in the Firth of Forth a crane carried by ship. No ordinary crane this, in fact the largest in Britain, and she hove to just opposite the site of the old Leith Shipyards in the river Forth, awaiting clearance and inspection to ensure that she could safely pass under the famous old Forth Rail Bridge and the Forth Road Bridge.

She managed to navigate her way through the channel at max ballast and at low tide. The crane will be used to assemble the two new aircraft carriers being built at Rosyth.

It's a tight squeeze but with 2m to spare she made it under the Forth Rail Bridge.
It is good to see that the river is once more seeing more marine traffic. Remember to keep checking the Leith Shipyards site for all maritime enthusiasts.

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