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Friday, 7 January 2011

The yard goes on.

With the launch of the ST HELEN and the fact that her sister ship was nearing completion (ST CATHERINE) and would soon be doing her trials before being handed over to her owners Sealink Ferries.

The sh*t was starting to hit the fan, with no new orders and only broken promises from “British Shipbuilders” the future did not look good for Robb Caledon Shipbuilders.

Outfitting work still required to be done on ST HELEN of course and the mood between the men and management was getting close to break point.

A load of different initiatives were started although as it turned out as ever too little and too late.

The men were put under further pressure with the threat that the ferries had to be completed in time, as the owners had started taking summer bookings .

You will be able to read much more on the struggle to keep the Leith Shipyards open on the new website at

This blog will also continue to feature updates and news about the website.

Along with the progress of the Save the SCOT II campaign which intends to restore the only ice breaking tug on the British Historical Ships Register.

And when restored perhaps the oldest ship still working from the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd.

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