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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Restoration of the SCOT II

The icebreaker tug SCOTT II, or what is left of her.
Happy to be able to tell you all that it now looks like Ship No 184 SCOT II built in the Henry Robb Leith Shipyards in 1931 and rusting away for a number of years in the West of Scotland, is now on the way to being restored to her former glory.

This is going to be a long project, and we shall bring you updates on the progress of the restoration as and when.

SCOT II begins her journey back home last week.
So for now just consider what she looks like as a rusty hull and look at what she will be restored as an icebreaker tug.
She is now tied up at the quayside on the Caledonian Canal after her tow north from the Isle of Bute. SCOT II was a very well known sight on the canal for many years.
 The SCOT II as she was cruising the waters of the Caledonian Canal.
You will be able to follow her restoration progress on the new website, online soon.

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roger squires said...

I have a ruston 3ydz engine in my canal narrowboat.This engine no 460262. was built in 1960 and went to henry robbs of leith for the tug scott 11".I presume this is the same scott 2. the engine is still in good condition.