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Sunday, 14 November 2010


Ship No 518

Was the second of the three ship order for Harbour Tugs with fire fighting capability, with only small differences between the vessels, the three ships all being the same size.

The first two were from an order by the Grangemouth and Forth Towing Company, for work in the Firth of Forth at the new terminal for offloading oil which was called the Hound Point Terminal (A construction incidentally also built by the Robb Caledon yard)

She was named after a village near Stirling at the head of the River Forth.

BOQUHAN at 336 grt, had a length between perpendiculars of 34 metres, with a beam of 9.2 metres, along with a design draught of 4,5 metres.

She was launched from the Leith Shipyards of Robb Caledon on 7th of January 1976.

BOQUHAN unlike her sister ship the DUCHRAY is believed to be still working in West Africa.

You will be able to see photographs of her and read a lot more about this fine vessel on the new website, online very soon.

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