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Sunday, 3 October 2010


SANGRO renamed City of Ankara (Ellerman Line)
Ship No 499

The motor vessel SANGRO was the Fifth ship in what was to prove to be the largest single order for ships that Henry Robb shipbuilders were ever to secure.

The M.V.SANGRO was a single screw diesel cargo ship of 1559 grt, with a length between perpendiculars of 280 feet and a beam of 45 feet and 6 inches, with a design draught of 26 feet.

Sister ship to SALERNO, SALMO, SORRENTO and SILVIO, she was launched into the waters of the River Forth at Leith on 15th of March 1968.

All named after places in Italy, Sangro being a river in Italy that was the scene of some fierce battles during World War II

She was the final vessel of this type built in the Leith Shipyards at this time, built for the Mediterranean trade routes.

Transferred to Ellerman Lines in 1973 and renamed City of Ankara.

She was finally broken up in 2007 after a working life of almost 40 years, which is a tremendous testament to the shipbuilders of Leith.

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