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Tuesday, 5 October 2010


ATHENIAN (photo by Les Harris) Ellerman Wilson Line
Ship No 501

The M.V.ATHENIAN was part of the large order from Ellerman Wilson Lines but she differed from the “S” named vessels in the fact that she was slightly heavier than the others at 1587 grt. Although, she had the same scantling dimensions at 280 feet length B.P. with a beam of 45 feet, with a design draught of 26 feet.

She was launched into the waters of the River Forth at Leith on 4th of May 1966.

WILSON LINE: THE HISTORY AND FLEET OF THOS. WILSON, SONS & CO. and ELLERMAN'S WILSON LINE LTD.    For a great read on all the Ellerman Wilson Ships.

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