Saturday, 10 July 2010


Ship No 389

Was an order from the Anchor Steamship Company of New Zealand, for a Twin Screw Diesel Cargo Vessel of 927 tons. She was another vessel built for the New Zealand coastal routes.

She was 175 feet in length with a beam of 36 feet and a shallow draught at 12 feet and 9 inches.

She was launched on 28th July 1949.


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Anonymous said...

Just writing up a history of my Father's life - he at 90 has a memory 2nd to none, and the Mamaku gets a mention - even I remember it going along outside the Nelson Boulderbank in the evenings on its way to Wellington in the 1960's - From the age of about 3 my Father had taught me to identify the different small ships carrying freight out and into Nelson NZ - by the number of masts - shape of bow / stern. Great site very interesting.