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Sunday, 4 July 2010


Ship No 374

Was an order from the General Steam & Navigation Company Ltd.

She was another modern single screw cargo vessel, built to ply the coasts of the British Isle’s. Tracing a pedigree back to the original Coaster’s designed and built for Coast Line’s, and which had been proved in war conditions, these vessels were the backbone of British trade at the time.

M.V. Grebe was 933 tons, with a length of 220 feet, and beam of 37 feet.

She was launched from the yard 25th March 1948.

M.V.GREBE (Ship No 374)


Ray Lindsay said...

I have a picture of myself on the Grebe en route from London to Bordeaux in 1958. normally only carrying cargo, there was accommodation for two or four passengers when there was not a full crew. I can't remember what cargo she was carrying at the time.

derek andrews said...

Hi Ray..
I sailed on the Grebe deck crew as an SOS from the 22/2/57-22/8/57.from London {Now called Wapping basin I believe} with cargos of Sheeps skins and sometimes small tractors to go between the vines..
We brought back cargos of Wine and Brandy from mostly Bordeaux..from a dock with a large WW11 German submarine pen in it..
I emigrated to New Zealand several years after leaving the Grebe.
The master on board then was Captain Longfield We had a deck crew of four.
The only passengers we carried at that time was one trip with the captains wife and daughter..