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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Ship No 430

The motor vessel GOLDEN BAY was an order from New Zealand for the Golden Bay Cement Co of Wellington N.Z.

She was designed and built to carry bulk cement and as such she was the first of her design to carry out her work self-discharging her cement cargo in New Zealand waters.

With her twin screws driving her through all types of weather she plied her trade in New Zealand waters up until 1982. She was 1659 tons with a length of 230 feet and a beam of 42 feet along with a design draught of 18 feet.

She was launched from the Henry Robb shipyard on 27th of August 1953.

Another of the special ships built at the yard, the Golden Bay in fact required more power to run her discharging equipment than it took to power the vessel through the water.

(thanks to Tony Skilton ex-Chief Engineer M.V. Golden Bay for some of the above info.)

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Winton Bell said...

M.V. Golden Bay with a load of cement for the Haast Pass Bridge, was 3-days in passing Farewell Spit, in heavy seas.

m.bell said...

In a heavy sea, for three days MV Golden Bay, finally rounded Cape Pass,
With cement for the Hasst Pass Bridge.