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Monday, 26 April 2010


Ship No 264

Was the second ship in the order from the Admiralty for an Indicator loop Mine Layer, to be the same size as her sister ship “Ringdove” with a length overall of 145 feet and beam of 17 feet with the same draft at 14 feet.
She was launched from the yard 16th of June 1938.
“Ringdove” was sunk in December 1940 and I have been unable to track down any more info on this vessel.
We have since been informed that HMS RINGDOVE was in fact sold to Pakistan in 1950 and used as a pilot vessel.


Khurram Syed said...

According to other sources on the Internet, Ringdove was sold to the Pakistan government in 1950, for use as a pilot vessel. I sailed on Ringdove many times in the early fifties. From memory, the ship looked more like a minesweeper than a minelayer. I have been trying to track down its history without success. I cannot find a picture of the vessel either.

Robbs Built Ships said...

Thank you only to pleased to correct the info, and have now removed the info that she sank in 1940, she was a sister ship to HMS REDSTART and the work they did was top secret, hence few photographs.