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Saturday, 24 April 2010


Ship No 247

Was the second of the “Dog Class” armed trawlers to be built in Henry Robb for the Admiralty.
H.M.S. “Mastiff” was an order from the Admiralty for a second of class armed trawler of the “Dog Class” She was designed and built by Henry Robb Shipbuilders with an obvious eye to the coming hostilities that developed into World War II.

She was an improved version of this class and a bit larger than her sister ship “Basset” she was launched on 17th February 1938.
She had a displacement of 520 tons with a length overall of 150 feet and beam of 27 feet and 6 inches. She had a top speed of 12 knots and a crew compliment of around 35. Being armed initially with a 4 inch gun for’d and 2 x .303 machine guns.

She struck a mine in the Thames estuary and was lost on 20 November 1939, only two months after war had been declared.

H.M.S. Mastiff (Ship No 247)

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Gary Kettless said...

My grandfather was on that ship when it hit a mine and sunk. he servived to tell the tale too. Leslie Robbens