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Saturday, 24 April 2010


Ship No 246

Was another order for the Robertson Line, sister ship to “Spinel” she was a small coaster build for the coastal trade around the British Isle’s.

She was 650 tons, with a length overall of 175 feet and a beam of 28 feet and 6 inches, she was launched from the yard on the 20th November 1937.

She was also to play her part in the coming conflict that would soon engulf the world into war.

“The Motor ship “Jacinth” took part in the invasion of Norway and then, after a period of home service, she assisted in the North African landings, being probably the first merchant ship to enter Oran harbour.

Subsequently, she was involved in the early stages of the attack on Sicily and was at Naples soon after its capture. In all this she received no damage”.
M.V."Jacinth" (Ship No 246)

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