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Saturday, 3 April 2010


Ship No227

Was the forth in the order of a 4 ship order for Coast Line’s Shipping Company.

She was a twin screw Motor Cargo vessel, designed and built for the trade routes around the British Isles and other short sea route trading. They were the most modern of design for the time, and were to establish a new standard of efficiency and economy. The Coast line vessels were to be called up early to serve in the coming World War 2 (you can read more of their exploits in the page about Leith Built Ships on War Service)

She was the smallest of the four ship order at some 40 feet shorter than her three previous sister ship’s “British Coast” and “Atlantic Coast” and “Ocean Coast” at 625 tons with a length overall of 190 feet and a beam of 34 feet.

She was to have a some what short but eventful war service, and was eventually lost to enemy action in Norway (full story at the page about Leith Built Ships on War Service on this blog)

She was launched from the yards on 18th June 1936.

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