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Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Ship No 193

Was a very welcome order from the Admiralty at a time when the great depression was really setting in and most yards were being closed or mothballed along with the yard that was building the great Queen Liners on the Clyde in Glasgow.
The order was for 3 vessels and they were designated with the Ship No’s 193, Ship No 193a and Ship No 193b.
Any work was welcome and this order was for a Gate Lifting vessel of 210 tons. She had a length overall of 93 feet and a beam of 26 feet.
Ship No 193a was for a Net Laying Vessel of the same size and tonnage given the name
H.M.S. ALDGATE, and along with her Ship No 193b another Net Layer of the same, completed the order. Ship No 193b was named H.M.S. WATERGATE.

As yet I do not have any more info on these vessels.

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