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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ship No’s 166 to 175.

Allocated to a large order from Beira Boating Company for 10 Cargo Lighters, these vessels were used in the unloading of larger Cargo Ships that were too big to get into the small harbours of the time.
Cargo would be unloaded from the Cargo ship onto the Cargo Lighter and taken into harbour, this way.
The lighter would most likely be towed by tug unless it was under it’s own power.
All the Cargo Lighters in this order were of the same size and weight, making it possible to set up the equivalent of a production line to produce them quickly and efficiently and increase profits for the yard and of course keep the customer happy, a fact that was very important as it was coming into a time when work would very soon dry up all around the world.
There were tough times ahead in a tough industry which was about to become a hell of a lot tougher.

The Lighters were all of 105 tons, with a length overall of 75 feet and a beam of 20 feet.

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