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Friday, 8 January 2010


Ship No 113

This ship may have been built originally in Dublin by Dublin Shipbuilders as Ship No 15 in 1920, and then ended up in Leith where the frames were dismantled and she was in effect re-built by Robbs.

She was a 668 gross ton Motor Vessel ordered by Captain A.F. Watchling of New Zealand., 180 feet length overall with a beam of 28 feet 9 inches. She was re-launched 1 st of October 1929.
M.V. Port Waikato was given the responsibility of providing the only means of communication between the Chatham Islands and New Zealand during World War II.
Sailing in somewhat dangerous waters where the threat of enemy submarines was a constant danger.

I have been unable to find any photographs up to now.

KAITAWA (Ship No 375)
One of the many Ships built in Leith for New Zealand.

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RoyFMuir said...

I have a photo of the Port Waikato under Watchlin's colours but don't know how to post it.
Any help would be appreciated.