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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Ships Names.

While the shipyard workers called there ships by the allocated yard number, it has been brought to my attention that someone who did not work in the yard would know the ship better by her given launched “Name” (Thanks Derek) so I am starting to show the names given to the ships in a separate post and will work on 10 year spans.
So from opening in 1918 up to 1928 the following ships were launched with the names as follows.

WESTMERE (Ship No 16) Single Screw Tug

BHAVSINHJI (Ship No 17) T. screw Grab Dredger

FAIRPORT (Ship No 20) S. Screw Dredger

WM. MESSINA (Ship No 21) S. Screw Tug

ALBATROSS (Ship No 30) Lightship

RUKAMAVATI (Ship No 35) S. Screw Grab Dredger

“G” (Ship No 60) Hopper Barge

“H” (Ship No 61) Hopper Barge

LAKSHMI (Ship No 62) T. S. Passenger Vessel

CLEARWELL (Ship No 63) Hopper Barge


LENA W (Ship No 75) S. Screw Tug

BUSI (Ship No 76) S. Screw Tug

ULUNDI (Ship No 78) S. Screw Tug/Pilot Boat

BRANKSEA (Ship No 79) Grab Dredger

JERSEY (Ship No 80) Motor Tug

SATURNO (Ship No 81) Twin Screw Tug

Ship No’s that have no name were in the most part Barges or Pontoons, which would be given a number or letter or combination of both by the owners.
The yard would allocate a yard (Ship No) to all vessels built.

So as this is the last post on this blog for 2009 I shall take the opportunity of wishing all a safe and Happy New Year.

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