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To our page on Jobs and other kinds of helpful stuff which we have sourced from around the World, each product or link will help not just you but continue to help with the running of the Blog and the website at
To keep these great sites going takes time and money I provide the time but now need some help in providing the monies to keep the sites going, so with each click onto one of the many links and resources below you will be helping keep it all going.
I will not pretend to say that I have personally check out all the resources and products but take it from me most of them have been used by either myself or by someone I know and comes highly recommended.
So take some time and look around you may well find what you are looking for and even if you don't find what you may require just let us know and we shall endeavour to find it for you and show it hear on this your own personal shopping page.
Last but by no means least a big thank you to all friends and supporters of both the Blog and the websites all about ships, shipbuilding and the sea.
If you are looking for anything to do with any of the above then you will find it here and more as we strive to try and help people along the way complete with some very good information about anything to do with ships and the sea or shipbuilding and boats.

Should you wish to try your hand at some design for boats then this is your link below all at a very good price and easy to use, you do not have to be a Naval Architect to use this CAD system
Get your very own easy to use and learn boat design CAD (Computer Aided Design) software

You will need access to some good Boat Plans if you are intending to use the above CAD system or perhaps you would like to build one of your own and don't want to be limited to just one or two options then this link is the one you are looking for with access to hundreds of Boat Plans and more again all at very good prices produced by one of the better known boat designers out there.
For all your boat plans all in one place choose from hundreds of plans and go ahead and build your own boat or even a model boat if you wish

If it is some kind of work you are looking for then we would recommend that you begin your search with the link below to the Worlds largest job site at

Jobs from Indeed

Right then Hands up all who have lost or forgotten there password on the internet! We all have at some time or another. Well now you don’t have to worry as this bit of gear will solve all your problems! Never have to worry about lost passwords ever again

The following links are all possible job help sites that could help you work almost anywhere in the world, so if you are looking for any kind of employment help this is the place to find it, after all who has not been in the situation of looking for work! Very few I can tell you so we feel that anything we can do to help is got to create a win - win situation you can help keep the sites going and we can perhaps help you land a job.
Keep checking back as this page will grow and grow to present what we think will be a must go to resource for all kinds of help with anything to do with ships and the sea, the maritime world in other words.
There is nothing wrong with helping yourself along the way as well so we will feature lots of good self help resources as well.

First of all you need to know how to get through some of the crazy interviews that they present you with this may help.

You will need this to get through the interview system that most companies operate nowadays

So you have now determined that you are looking for some work, where to find it is the next question and in my experience you need to cast your net as wide as you can which of course can open up the whole world to you.
Why not think about working in Australia great country and if you can also get paid for being there then all the better eh Sport!

For help in finding work in Australia

To help you find work in Dubai

Lets take a look at some of the opportunities out there if you are willing and able to go for them, they may not all be what you may think as regular type jobs you may want to start to look at changing or trying another type of work, which may even be based from home and all you might need is connection to the internet, there are no lack of opportunities if you open your mind to the possibilities and don't let yourself be held back by undermining your own skills.

How to change jobs

Online jobs there are thousands of them out there but which ones are any good and which ones are just scams, this link may help you decide

Legitimate online jobs, beware of imitations

Remember every time you click on a link you are helping to keep the Blog and the website going, so thanks again it is much appreciated.

Guide to teaching jobs

Some of the guides may be aimed at the North American market but you can still use them to adapt to your own situation.

Ever though about earning a living by writing well got news for you, you could do it and earn enough to keep you in a nice lifestyle, it is not easy just takes application and some hard work How to earn a living by writing

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