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H.M.S. Gallery

A gallery to show the many different type of ships built by the Henry Robb Shipyard for the Royal Navy, and some of the other Navy's of the World.
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H.M.S. "Basset" Ship No 214
Dog Class armed trawler.
H.M.S."Mastiff" Ship No 247
Dog Class armed trawler

H.M.S."Redstart" Ship No 263
Indicator Loop Mine Layer

A "Tree Class" Armed Trawler of the same type as H.M.S. Hazel (Ship No 299) and H.M.S. Hickory (Ship No 300)

H.M.S. Delphinium (Ship No 306)
Flower Class Corvette

Henry Robb built many of the "Flower Class Corvette's" during World War II

H.M.S. Petunia (Ship No 308)

H.M.S. Pink (Ship No 318)

H.M.S. Skye (Ship No 323)

Among the other types of vessels constructed during World War II was a Landing Craft Tank of the type shown below.

Ship No 325

H.M.S. BUSTLER-Ship No 321 (One of eight "Bustler Class Tugs built for the Royal Navy)

Typ "River Class" outline

H.M.S. NITH (Ship No 327) Photo by Bob Hanley

H.M.S. GLENARM (Ship No 331)

H.M.S. WALLASEA (Ship No 339)

H.M.S.WINDRUSH  (Ship No 340)

This type of U-Boat was the same as the one sunk by H.M.S.LOTUS (Ship No 317)

on deployment in the Antarctic Ocean during operation "Deep Freeze"

HMS CARNARVON BAY (Ship No 349) at her launch from the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb

HMS PADSTOW BAY (Ship No 350) the last of the warships built at the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb

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