Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Historic Ship SCOT II

SCOT II Steelwork

Just as an example of what was and what is now with regard to the condition that the old historic ship is now in and just looking at some of the photographs taken at her last survey before the waterways sold her on, would make any old shipbuilder just shake his head while containing the many expletives that would want to burst forth.
Just what the F**k were they thinking!

SCOT II Ship No 184 almost un-recognisable 

Difficult to put into words, what can be said about this conversion attempt circa 2005

It has to be said that her steelwork was still in pretty good condition after some 75 years the majority of the time spent in fresh water. As the photograph below shows taken as part of her last survey in 2005/6

SCOT II Steelwork circa 2005/6

All that changed when she was sold and she ended up sunk in the salt water of Ardyne Point where she sank and was under water  for 10 months just a few years later.

SCOT II Steelwork circa 2010

Her steelwork is still in pretty good condition but for how much longer without the proper care that she needs sooner rather than later.

With any luck she will not have too much longer to wait before some serious work can be carried out on her to begin her proper restoration.

Keep checking the Blog and website for regular updates, and once the work begins for real we shall be following the progress on the website and on the Blog.

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