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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Maritime Library

Download an eBook today
Got to thinking the other day that if you are at all interested in ships and the sea then you will also be interested in books all about ships and the sea, but where to put all them books is the big problem.
Well in our efforts to move with the times it just makes sense to also have access to books in Electronic form and you can just download them to your computer or E-Reader or whatever medium is used for reading them.
Then you are only limited by time and the storage capacity on your machine.
So we have set up some E-Book library that you can access and for convenience they are all in the one place, eventually we shall have different categories for all the subjects covering written works about ships and the sea and to begin with you can now go directly to our first library called funny enough Ships and the Sea.
Each downloaded book will return a small portion back to us to help with the running costs of this Blog and also the main website at

You will be able to find all kinds of books on ships and the sea some well known and some not so well known it is all about choice and we hope to give you that choice, if you still prefer hard copy books you can of course search through our Amazon store at the side of this Blog.

You can now access books such as the story of the amazing ship built in Dundee called the LAWHILL which had a longevity of working at sea for a very long time, which for a Barque complete with sails in a world full of steam and then later diesel powered vessels is all the more remarkable.

The Lawhill Story The Lawhill Story
During the long gone ages of maritime history many ships of sail and steam have captured the imagination; one of them was a sailing vessel named Lawhill, a four masted barque which after being built at Dundee in 1892 lasted right up until 1957.

For the full selection of our E-Book library collection just click on the link Ships and the Sea

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