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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Leith Shipyards & SOE

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I thought I would write something down on the Blog about the main website at as this continues to grow to be one of the best maritime websites around.

A lot of work has gone into the website and it is now featuring on first pages of Google on many of the ships and topics which is fantastic.

Now I started to think about how the pages had reached such a high ranking on Google and have reached the conclusion that all you really need is good content and time, the content has to be informative and helpful, sick of being bombarded by hundreds of emails etc all telling me that this crowd or that crowd can get my website to the top on Google, what a crock.

I don’t really no much about how the search engines work or about Search Engine Optimisation (SOE) and as all those so called experts keep telling me you need to know and pay for the expertise of these computer geeks to get to the top in Google.

I have been doing some work on the website and just by filling in the description properly (something I never knew about before) and adding the all important Key words, after all even I can understand that if the website cannot be found by anyone around the world then it is not much use no matter how good the site may be.

I started out by searching for the names of the ships built at the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb and to my surprise (as long as the ship’s name is typed in correct) the vast majority of the ships information pages is right there at the very top of the Google search pages and some of them number in the millions.


I also found that it is important to phrase the ships name correctly so that for instance a Steam Ship will begin with the letters SS followed by the ships name, a Motor Vessel will by logic begin with the letters MV followed by the ships name and of course a Royal Navy (or any other navy) will begin with the abbreviations for that Navy’s full name such as HMS for any Royal Navy Ship.


So as a simple example let’s take the “Flower Class” Corvette HMS PINK type it into Google search and you will see that the page shows up Third on the list of the First Page on Google.


The Flower Class Corvettes of which HMS PINK was just one of many also involved in the D-Day landings where she was to meet her eventual fate.

Try another such as SS SOUTH STEYNE and again you will see that the pages are at number 4 on Google’s first page. Competing along with hundreds of thousands of other references on the internet to this famous old Ship still to be found in Sydney Harbour, Australia and now operating as a Restaurant.

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