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Friday, 5 September 2014

Ferguson shipyard saved from closure! Yahoo?

“Yahoo” (not the internet thingy) but the original word (remember)  would be the first reaction of the saving of the last commercial shipyard in Scotland, but this is shipbuilding and where there is shipbuilding in Scotland Politics is intertwined and while it must be welcomed no matter as it should mean jobs are saved and indeed the new owners are promising even more jobs?
Politics is never far from shipbuilding and we can only hope that this is not some political stunt by the new owners intricately involved in the present political referendum in Scotland.

After all who in there right mind would trust a politician, I well remember my dealings with them way back in the 1980’s when trying as we all were to keep shipyards in the East of Scotland open, I could not possibly reveal what theses people got up to suffice to say I resolved there and then to have nothing to do with politics ever again, and I don’t speak from some high horse just amazment at these people and what they do and get up to in the grand name of representing there constituents but what I hear you say they can’t all be the same, I refuse to answer that question and leave it to you to answer you don’t have to really think very hard now do you.

All out of the same mould and funny that as well as the successful businessman taking over the Ferguson shipyard owns Clyde Glass Blowers so he knows all about moulds.

For more on the story you can have a look at one of the Scottish newspapers and see what they are saying.

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