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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Scotland “YES” or “NO”

While the debate goes on whether Scotland should return to being a separate country as she was a few hundred years ago before union with England happened and the United Kingdom was formed or to stay as a part of the United Kingdom (Great Britain in other words)

This Blog is not really the place for too much comment on the subject but you can never separate Shipbuilding from Politics and they are all at it right now, as can be seen from this recent article in the Scotsman newspaper while written with some obvious bias and who in the United Kingdom would trust a journalist today, they are regarded with the same mis-trust as lawyers and bankers and rightly so.
Having had some small parts to play regarding politicians and Shipbuilding in the past, it is my own opinion that they are at the lowest of the tree when it comes to trust and it makes no difference be they Scottish politicians or United Kingdom politicians or indeed English politicians they are all out of the same mould.

BEA Shipyard at Govan on the Clyde in this Royal Navy photograph

The only thing I can comment on is, would a vote one way or the other mean securing any more or less shipbuilding jobs and I feel that it would make no difference whatsoever what way the vote goes the politicians will do as they see fit (They are qualified you know)

And the people will get what the people want?


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