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Friday, 15 August 2014

Ferguson No More

Last remaining commercial shipyard in Scotland Closed


A sad day in the history of a great industry as the last remaining commercial shipbuilder on the river Clyde closed down, not only the last commercial yard on the Clyde to close after some 110 years of building fine ships but the last commercial shipyard in Scotland is now closed for business.

The two upper Clyde yards are of course still going building parts for the Aircraft Carriers and other warships and long may they continue, but the closure of Ferguson Shipbuilders Limited of Port Glasgow really brings down the curtain on a very long list of great shipbuilding names which have plied there trade and used there unmatched skills to build ships in Scotland.

Better times at the yard from 2012 in this Herald newspaper picture, when they launched the Worlds first hybrid Ferry

Ferguson Shipbuilders Limited from a BBC website photograph Aug 15th 2014

It really is quite a list of shipbuilding names when you consider that this great and proud industry used to employ more than 100,000 people in its heyday, and that is only in Scotland, the industry was massive throughout the British Isles at one time when Britain and the Clyde primarily led the world in the building of fine ships.
Such as and by no means a comprehensive list and not in any kind of order, but names like Scott Lithgow, Barclay Curle, Scotts of Bowling, John Browns, Connell’s, Hall Russell, Caledon Shipbuilding, Ailsa Troon, Henry Robb Shipbuilders, Harland and Wolfe, and now add Ferguson Shipbuilders to the list of a role call of industry whose spectacular fall has had no equals in the United Kingdom.
This small yard could have been building small inshore fishery protection vessels and small patrol ships for the Royal Navy but once again they have been discarded by governments (successive) and after all it was less than 100 men and women who lost there jobs this morning so who gives a toss about this small number of highly skilled people. (Not many votes there in the grand scheme of things eh!)
Don’t see that it would even register with Salmond or Cameron although we are sure to see and hear some posturing about it, and the timing of such a closure with a Scottish Referendum on Independence just one month away, what were the politicians thinking about.
For another read on the closure of Ferguson Shipbuilders and perhaps a better reality than the wishy washy BBC news see the latest from the Herald newspaper who are closer to home in writing about the effects of the last commercial shipyard in Scotland closing down, interesting to hear all the rubbish spouted by the different politicians, who in fact rank lower in the list of non producing wage thief's than even the journalists, bankers and lawyers in the U.K. even lower than a second hand car salesman. 
Although it also shows just how impotent the Unions have become in Britain as well.

How long before we say “Shipbuilding No More” in the whole of the British Isles.

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