Monday, 21 October 2013

S.S.SOUTH STEYNE is 75 years old this year

Even if a bit late in the year it was brought to my attention by a couple of knowledgeable Australians who had spent many a happy voyage on this famous old ferry across Darling Harbour and up to Manly and beyond that the SS SOUTH STEYNE Ship No 267was launched from the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb Ltd 75 years ago this year. She was launched into the sea at Leith in the April of 1938. Interestingly she was but one of ten (10) ships launched by the shipyard that year.

Two very well known Sydney sights one being built during the 1960's (Sydney opera house) and the famous old ferry much used by Sidneysiders the SS SOUTH STYNE built at the Leith Shipyards of Henry Robb Ltd in 1938
(Photo credit unknown for now)

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